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Taxi sex

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Taxi sex

/ / / / Mission start stuff gosub mission_start_taxi1 gosub mission_cleanup_taxi1 mission_END / Variables for mission VAR_INT blip1_ct1 blip2_ct1 spray_blip_onscreen VAR_INT taxi_car1 taxi_countdown_already_started VAR_INT taxi_ped1 taxi_passed_this_shot taxi_fucked_flag /VAR_INT special_ped1 VAR_INT taxi_countdown taxi_score taxi_distance_int taxi_distance_int_old VAR_INT taxi_finish_time taxi_start_time total_taxi_time_taken VAR_float taxi_destx1 taxi_desty1 taxi_destz1.

VAR_float taxi_destx2 taxi_desty2 taxi_destz2, vAR_float taxi_blipx taxi_blipy taxi_blipz VAR_float taxi_ped_x taxi_ped_y taxi_ped_z.

VAR_float x_diff y_diff x_diff_sq y_diff_sq taxi_distance_sq taxi_distance.

VAR_INT score_for_this_fare speedbonus in_a_row_cash in_a_row_number / Mission Start mission_start_taxi1: script_name taxi SET_deatharrest_state OFF / GSW - does deatharrest have to be switched off?

Flag_player_on_mission 1 taxi_countdown_already_started 0 taxi_countdown 0 taxi_passed_this_shot 0 taxi_score 0 taxi_ped1 -1 spray_blip_onscreen 0 taxi_fucked_flag 0 in_a_row_number 5 in_a_row_cash 2000 wait 0 taxi_passed_this_shot counter_display_number (fares) /test stuff!

IF NOT IS_player_playing player goto mission_taxi1_failed.

Endif IF IS_player_IN_ANY_CAR player store_CAR_player_IS_IN player taxi_car1.

Else goto mission_taxi1_failed, endif /switch_taxi_timer ON, sET_taxi_lights taxi_car1.

Print_NOW ( taxi1 ) 1500 1 /Pick up a fare /wait 1500, wAIT 0 Start_taxi_mission: IF done_taxi_help 0 print_help ( taxih1 ) done_taxi_help.

Endif score_for_this_fare 0 IF NOT IS_player_playing player goto mission_taxi1_failed.

Endif IF IS_CAR_dead taxi_car1 goto mission_taxi1_failed.

Endif IF NOT IS_player_IN_CAR player taxi_car1 goto mission_taxi1_failed.

Endif iF taxi_passed 0 /special missions?

AND IS_player_IN_zone player redligh goto special_ped_mission1.

Endif / random_ped_grabber: IF NOT controlmode 3 IF IS_button_pressed PAD1 rightshock AND flag_player_on_mission 1 goto taxi_fail_button_pressed endif else IF IS_button_pressed PAD1 square AND flag_player_on_mission 1 goto taxi_fail_button_pressed endif endif IF taxi_countdown_already_started 1 AND taxi_countdown 0 /print_NOW ( taxi2 ) 5000 2 /You suck!

Goto mission_taxi1_failed endif IF IS_collision_IN_memory level_industrial GET_random_char_IN_zone IND_ZON taxi_ped1.

Endif IF IS_collision_IN_memory level_commercial GET_random_char_IN_zone COM_ZON taxi_ped1.

Endif IF IS_collision_IN_memory level_suburban GET_random_char_IN_zone SUB_ZON taxi_ped1.

Endif /IF IS_player_IN_zone player SUB_ZON / GET_random_char_IN_zone IND_ZON taxi_ped1 /endif IF taxi_ped1 -1 wait 0 goto Start_taxi_mission / random_ped_grabber.
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