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my luck, someone she knows saw the first pics I sent in, if not worse, my website, and that I am only able to imagine her reaction.

She did say she wanted people to view them, but she's well-known for being tempermental-Sunny recently fired a very nice girl I know who works in the music store, because "her preferences didn't fit with the shop's." Sunny.

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Hey guys, Thanks for all the kind remarks.

I showed my 45 year old wife all the the amazing remarks about her Naturists from the Wife Learns Computer voy pics.

She however does not consider it, but she let me shoot some modeled pics with our Panasonic digital camera, including a number of her second best advantage her wonderful behind.

She insisted that they be really close up to keep them anonymous.

The single difficulty there is keeping them naturist and not nude beach material.

Please guys more comments.
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