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We Got Something To Say.

Surfing aint long-hairs and doobie-suckers no more.

Surfing is suited-and-booted stockbrokers.

Its university students whove smelt the roses and dont swallow the evening news.

Its just-18-year-olds whose trunks end above the knee.

Surfing is beavertails and logs and empowered women who aint adverse to a Brazilian cut, but its also 540s and double oops.

Right now, surfing is goddamn hot and, most of all, inspired.

And Stab is inspired.

In short, whats this whole show about?

Big ideas and the endeavour to execute.

Sometimes they dont come off, but its better than wondering.

Stab may be put together by a bunch of narcissistic and morally corrupt humans, but goddamn it, if we aint the most obsessive collective you ever did see while you were sleeping, our eyes stayed open.
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