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Key Difference Samsung JU7500 Curved Smart TV vs LG UF7700 4K UHD.

The Key difference between Samsung 4K UHD JU7500 Curved Smart TV and LG UF7700 4K UHD TV is that the former has technology to enhance picture quality whereas the latter has the superior upscaling technology and the better viewing angles.

Let us take a closer look at the other features available with Both the TVs before going in to the comparison.

Samsung 4K UHD JU 7500 Series Curved Smart TV Review Specification and Features.

The Samsungs JU 7500 series 4K UHD curved smart TV  introduces quality, great features, and at the same time, available at a reasonable price.

Some of the main features that come with this TV include quad-core processor for fast processing, contrast enhancer, smart remote, UHD dimming,  and a touch pad and mic.

Picture Quality, backlit LCD s are usually not an ideal option in terms of picture quality.

Edge-lit LCD TVs also share the same problem.

The main advantage of the UHD JU7500 series is that it uses an ultra-clear pro screen.
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