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hitting the books, she was going to make him study her juicy little pussy.

You see, a dick is a dick, even if it belongs to a nerd.

After school, she hung with her girlfriend first.

Her tomboy girlfriend was sitting in an armchair watching the babe stripping in front of her.

Her round big ass, long luscious locks and perky tits are made to play with.

Unfortunately someone interrupted the fun.

Her girlfriend went down to get the door, but she quickly texted him Go around the back and come upstairs She would not move to cover herself when he entered the room.

The half naked girl was lying on her bed with her legs spread open, rubbing her pussy and watching his reaction.

He settled between her legs, stuck out his tongue and gentle licked her swollen lips.

Her pussy was bald and her clit was throbbing.

But there was a catch her girlfriend was around, and if she caught them in the act, he would certainly meet his end.

But her pussy was so delicious!

He was kissing, sucking and licking on her sweet pussy.

They started with some fantastic pussy licking.

The geek licked this chick beautifully, and he took her whole pussy into his mouth.

He sucked on every part of it too!

The labia, the clitoris, everything.

His tongue swirled around her pussy loving the scent of her flesh the tang of her juice.

And this babes pussy was juicy, wet, and insatiable at the same time.

So, after a licking like that, she was temporarily pleased and immediately moved on to sucking this dudes cock.

At first, she licked it, but after a while, she couldnt hold back anymore.
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