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to decide whether or not it actually is the best in London.

Franco Manca is definitely one of contenders for the title.

Stop by to sample the signature soft crust that: to produce it you need the right kind of dough, the right kind of oven and the right preparation time.

The flavour of this pizza is like quite no other.

As good as homemade dinner before a play?

If this is something you're interested in, than this family-owned restaurant, is a great choice.

A West End fixture, Stef's Italian offers various regional dishes, wine options to go with any of them and a great atmosphere.

It is an amazing quiet place, perfect for a romantic date, especially if you are meeting someone who appreciates good food.

Anima e Cuore, the kind of place that's easy to miss, it's one of those hidden gems that everyone likes to discover in a big city.

Anima e Cuore may be known primarily for its sorbet and gelato, but it definitely has much to offer.

Come for dessert and you may just linger for the day's specials.

It is a small place with a local feel.

It does not serve alcohol, but you are welcome to bring your own.

A worthy choice for someone who wants a combination of unpolished atmosphere and good food.
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