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charging is wicked cool!

In the Long, Long Ago, we had to carry one of the many USB cables most of us had kicking around our home.

Read THE rest, graham Clark, the 17-year-old Florida boy accused of pulling off the big Twitter hack, pled not guilty to charges on Tuesday.

During the security breach, top accounts including Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk were taken over to push a bitcoin scam.

Read THE rest, in this footage, a supercomputers CPU cores nearly 900 of them are neatly lined up in the Task Manager.

The Doom logo appears, generated by code that targets each core.

Then Doom itself plays, each pixel generated by thrashing a core with just the right amount of busy work.

Max Holt: Finally got.

Read THE rest, physics may have been that class you sleepwalked your way through in high school.

But while it might have just slipped under your radar throughout your academic career, you probably shouldnt have given it such shallow attention.

Sure, we could focus on the immediate pluses of a career as a physicist, like the more than.

Read THE rest, if youre out of workwell, first, you have our sympathies.

Right now, about 31 million Americans are drawing some form of unemployment benefits, which makes competition for virtually any job savagely fierce.
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