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in a series of related films was, at the time he was active, one of the most prolific male adult film actors, with documented credits for at least 573 films.

2, holmes was best known for his exceptionally large penis, which was heavily promoted as the longest, thickest, hardest, and longest lasting in the adult film industry, with seminal volume second only to fellow adult actor.

However, no documented measurement of Holmes' actual penis length, girth, tumescence, sexual stamina, or ejaculate volume has ever been confirmed.

3, near the end of his life, Holmes attained notoriety for his reputed involvement in the.

Wonderland murders of July 1981 and eventually for his death from complications caused by, aIDS in March 1988.

Holmes was the subject of several books, a lengthy essay in, rolling Stone and two feature-length documentaries, and was the inspiration for two Hollywood movies (.

Boogie Nights and, wonderland ).

Contents, early life edit Holmes was born John Curtis Estes on August 8, 1944, in the small rural town of Ashville, Ohio, about 11 miles (18 km) south of Columbus.

He was the youngest of four children born to 26-year-old Mary June (ne Barton) Holmes, but the name of his father, railroad worker Carl Estes, is left blank on his birth certificate.

Mary had married Edgar Harvey Holmes, who was the father of her three older children - Dale, Edward and Anne.

She and Holmes were married and divorced three times, as is documented by wedding certificates dated April 13, 1936, August 13, 1945, and September 12, 1947.

4 At the time of their first marriage in 1936, Edgar was 35 years old and divorced, while Mary was.
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